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Martial Arts, Fitness, and Self Defense Training in Waterbury, CT

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At East Coast Training Systems, located in Waterbury, CT, we believe in helping you achieve your goal. Whether that goal is to learn self defense, get in better shape, provide a safe and fun activity for your child, or taking up a new challenge yourself. We strive to provide a professional atmosphere where you will feel like family!


​We offer regular Martial Arts classes in American-Filipino Kun Tao for children and adults, personal fitness training, and fitness classes. We also teach our Escape Alive Survival Skills® program in partnership with Jane Doe No More® throughout Connecticut.

Fast Fit and Kid Fit Sessions:

8 week session- New Session- Jan 11, 2020

(8 week session)

Saturdays- Adults: 8:30-9:30 am,

Kids: 9:45-10:30 am


Martial Arts Classes:

Children- 4-6 yrs- Mon & Wed- 4:45-5:15

Children- 7-10 yrs- Mon & Wed- 5:15-6:05

Children- 11-15 yrs- Mon & Wed- 6:05-6:55

Adults- Mon & Wed- 7:15-9 pm

Fridays Self Defense- 6-7 pm

Ladies Only Friday Nights

Escape Alive Self Defense and Fitness:

8 week session- Jan 3 - Feb 28, 2020

(No class February 14)

Fridays- 6-7 pm