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At East Coast Training Systems of Waterbury we pride ourselves in making a connection with our students and clients, and delivering what we promise to the best of our ability. We strive to give each interaction 110% and know that our future depends on the experiences of our current and past clients. The positive feedback we receive keeps us motivated to give each student and client the best we have to offer!

Thank you again for bringing the safety program here to Goshen Center School.  It was informative and enjoyed by students and staff.  Drew is a wonderful presenter and had a wonderful way of communicating with the students.  It was wonderful to work with you!


School Principal- Goshen, CT

"I attended the Escape Alive/Jane Doe No More session in Thomaston. I think it was excellent. I have urged all of my female friends and family to take at least one of these courses a year. I intend to make it at least an annual class for myself. It is very helpful to be able to try out the techniques that were shown in the class. I feel that if needed I will be better prepared to protect myself.

The class was well run. The women that shared their stories made the class all that more realistic, and although they were both victims of horrible crimes, they both proved that they are empowered and are not being victimized any more. I especially wanted to say thank you to them.

Please keep me posted as to new class dates."

Carol Grasso

Escape Alive participant- CT

Amazing place to train at. Everyone here is so dedicated and supportive. My second family ♡ love it here


Martial Art's Student

Outstanding martial arts school. Excellent instructors who teach in a great modern facility. Would recommend for the whole family.


Martial Arts Student and Master

"This class is amazing. I cant wait to start coming to classes once a week. You guys really made me see that its a serious thing to know how to defend your self and you never know how strong that person maybe so to keep practicing and attending classes is (definitely) in my future!"


Escape Alive participant- CT

We wanted to share some information with you and your team.  Although we are always proud of our children for what they are becoming, we are especially proud of Jonathan.  Two Sundays ago he received the " Arrow of Light " Award for cub scouts.  The award is earned by a cub scout and is needed to be able to bridge over to become a boy scout.  The Arrow of Light award is the highest award to be earned by a cub scout by completing various tasks and different requirements ( pins).  It took him two years of persistence and hard work for this and as said before we are proud of him.. He has grown tremendously over the past few years and we believe that both your program and the boy scouts have been a very large part of this.  He has started to set some goals and is what we think is heading in the right direction with his life.  He said that now he has accomplished is first goal in receiving the Arrow of Light, his next goal is to work for his black belt..   He knows he has a way to go, but it is a goal he is heading for. Thanks to you and your team for everything you do for our kids.  They are becoming confident and well rounded individuals (and you have a little something to do with it).


Martial Arts Parent

"As a practicing martial artist I make an effort to attend self defense classes as often as possible and the Escape Alive was one of the most professional, realistic and helpful self defense seminars I have ever attended. I would highly ...recommend the class to all women, regardless of their backgrounds, ages or skill sets. You will walk away with a new awareness as well as a new set of skills that could save your life. If Escape Alive comes to your area attend it! You will not be disappointed…and ultimately it could save your life."


Escape Alive participant- NY

This class should be mandatory for all woman and young girls. It was amazing!"


Escape Alive participant- CT

Outstanding school, informed instruction and very open and welcoming! When your with ECTS your treated like family!



I took their Self Defense workshop yesterday. Best one ever (I have been in and out of the martial arts scene for about 20 years). They are so knowledgeable, practical, thorough, approachable, and each trainer's personal level of fitness is top notch. You can tell they just live this stuff and they want to pass it on. I can't say enough. And, they were so flexible in letting me bring my kids at the last minute, so I could participate. A VERY worth while day!


Escape Alive participant- CT

Great place. Great teachers. Great family. An excellent program for anyone any age.


Martial Arts Parent

"Learned a lot today at class. Both my girls said that they thought they could protect themselves before the class. After taking the class they said they wouldn't have been able to protect themselves before this class. What they thought they should do before was not the best option. Now at least they have some tools to protect themselves. Looking forward to more classes. Thank you again for all you do it was an eye opener to me. Going to tell my friend to take the class."


Escape Alive participant- CT

“The Escape Alive team is AMAZING! Thank you for coming to our school to help our girls learn the importance of awareness and how to defend themselves! Words cannot express our gratitude!"


Escape Alive participant turned Martial Arts Student- CT

"Thank you so much for today for the mother daughter self defense course! Everyone should take their daughter to this. We both learned so much and had fun doing it! I will be telling many of my friends about this fantastic program! Thank you again you were all wonderful!"


Escape Alive participant- CT

Your class is exactly what we want for them:  learning discipline, respect, self confidence building and self defense…plus the many other benefits.  Thank you for being so inviting.


Martial Arts Parent

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