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At East Coast Training Systems our philosophy on fitness is not just about building muscles. We believe in overall physical and mental health. Having an outlet of physical activity can help achieve both these goals. We offer ladies' only classes, one on one self-defense and fitness training and small group sessions by appointment. Let ECTS help you achieve your goals and increase your overall well-being and safety!



Friday Night Fight Club

Friday Night Fight Club is our multi-week self defense program for females 14 and older. Each class includes a light fitness workout, striking practice and a different self defense focus point every week! The classes run on Friday nights, 6-7 pm. This class is a perfect follow up to our popular Escape Alive Survival Skills program run throughout CT thanks to our partnership with Jane Doe No More. No experience necessary.


Warrior in a Garden

Be a Warrior in a Garden, not a Gardener in a War. It is a crazy world. Men have always been considered the protector, but most men do not ready themselves for the role. Our Men Only class starts with a light workout followed by various aspects of combat. From strikes to holds to off balancing techniques and more. Various self defense scenarios are explored. Friday nights, 7:30-8:30 pm. 18 and older.


Focused on YOUR Goals

Do you have a group of friends that are looking to train? Maybe your family? Your child and a small group of friends? ECTS offers small group training focused on your concerns and goals. Basic striking and exercise, self defense training, career specific. We can work with you and your group to address your needs and focus on your goals. Contact Drew Serrano at for more information.

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