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East Coast Training Systems has helped to transform many lives and has trained World Champions. There are many common character traits in leaders, no matter what area of life. We pride ourselves in helping to instill these traits in our children and young adults, the very individuals who will be our future. Through interactive discussions, physical challenges, and demonstrations by World Champion Martial Artists we reach children from a different perspective. Our professional instructors are available for presentations throughout Connecticut.

Reaching Tomorrow's Leaders

Building Leaders

Presentations focusing on leadership and the traits needed to be a successful leader. Moral and ethical values, social interaction, establishing a good work ethic, and belief in one self are among the topics that are discussed. This is an interactive presentation with audience participation. Presentations are geared to audience demographic. Approx. 1 hour.

Character Foundations

With a focus on grades 1-5, Character Foundations presentations give children an exciting perspective on Focus, Self-Esteem, Self-Discipline, Self-Respect, Confidence, and Self-Control. Presentations are interactive and include feats of martial arts breaking by champions to keep children's attention. Children are also chosen to learn skills and demonstrate in front of their class mates. Approx. 1 hour.

Safety For ME!, Child Safety Presentation

Our Safety For ME! presentation is a fun, interactive presentation that discusses safety concerns for 8-11 yr old children. Keeping a safe distance, who to trust, what to do if approached, and more. The presentation includes physical components by child volunteers and the group as a whole. Approx. 30-45 minutes.

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